Maja’s fake cheesecake

On a recent trip to Sweden we were given this very easy desert recipe. It looked and tasted great and so I thought this would be a recipe for busy households! Recently I made it with the grandchildren, we had crushed biscuit all over the floor but they did enjoy eating the desserts they made.

Crush roughly in your hands super wine or krispie biscuits.

Use a 600g packet of anchor custard and a pottle of cream cheese (or thickened cream and Greek yoghurt for variety) mix to your taste.

Berries of your choice, fresh strawberries sliced, or I often use frozen berries microwaved, blue berries and raspberries are a good combo.

Almonds chopped and sprinkled on the top.

Into Tumbler glasses;

  • Layer 1 crushed biscuit
  • Custard/ cream mixture
  • 1 crushed biscuit
  • Custard cream mixture
  • Then Top with berries and sprinkle almonds

Serves 6

majas fake cheese cake

Jo Guy.