Pork Fried Rice

I found this recipe from an old friend (Robyn H) and I hadn’t tried it in a long while.

For busy people this is easy and quick. I had dinner ready in 20 minutes.

375gms long grain rice

3 rashers of bacon

1 onion

250gms diced pork

3 eggs, beaten

salt and pepper, canola oil for cooking pork.

2 teaspoons grated ginger

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and one teaspoon soya sauce

Cook rice. Fry bacon and onion. Set aside in dish. Fry pork and ginger and add to bacon and onion.

Beat eggs and pour into pan and make into pancake. When cooked through remove and cut into thin strips.

Mix all ingredients together; add olive oil and soya sauce through mixture. Season with salt and pepper

I added spring onions, and you can also add any left-over vegs from your fridge. I served this with pita bread and Mediterranean sundried tomato chunky dip, but kids would probably prefer garlic bread.