Good Manners in Adults

Are they displayed often enough? Or is it a lost art to display good manners? A thing of the past even?

What started me off on this train of thought was as I was out on my morning walk, now increased to 6kms from our house in town out to the dairy farm, (Bryan brings me home and we have breakfast) I have passed an older man running. Each time he has tipped his cap, by way of saying good morning. It is from a bygone era that a gentleman who, as a sign of good manners tipped his hat! It was a welcome gesture.

I do also appreciate it when a man opens a door to let me through before him. I have heard some women ‘doth protest loudly’ that we are all equal and it is not necessary. I completely disagree. It is polite and good manners. It makes me feel valued as a woman.

I have noticed lately when we go to restaurants or cafes some customers don’t thank the waitress and just expect great service. Never under estimate the power of a “thank you” and you never know whose son or daughter might be serving the table. You never know what is being said out in the kitchen and who ends up knowing about your lack of courtesy. The same goes for drinking too much and being loud and obnoxious. People talk. Other customers don’t appreciate it either.

To be considerate is also not to answer a cell phone (or at least take it outside) when one is out dining. It is usually a loud conversation that everyone can hear. It can be very annoying.

When I pick up a take-away meal or go to the supermarket I always think of the men and women who work hard behind the counter to earn a living. A friendly word and a “thank you” goes a long way and can just make someone’s day.  We might have had a hard week but it shouldn’t make a difference to how polite we are. Give a smile too.

Our children mirror what they see, so that should be enough incentive to remember our manners.

To be polite and considerate. Anyone who displays such traits I believe will go far.

“Please, please always say please ….and thank you”. My Dad, Colin Deal.

I also have a quote from my maternal grandmother, Helen Hobbs pictured trout fishing with her 1st husband Bill McDonald. Granny always believed in good manners at all times, and was also a wonderfully adventurous woman. If she ever saw any sign of bad behaviour this is the quote….

“They don’t behave in a seemly manner.”