Our lives are like seasons don’t you think? When I have been out walking these last weeks and in my garden, I have been observing the stunning colours of the magnolias, camellias and blossoms, the new bright green leaves. Spring is breathtaking beautiful. It is similar to seeing new growth and purpose in our lives after sadness. Usually others can see it better than we can.

The winter is like a sadness. Everything is stripped bare and we have nothing left but a cold  seemingly aloneness with very slow progress of trudging towards coming out of that winter season. It seems to take forever , but then we start to see new growth and new life.  After a new baby arrived in our family in September and the feelings of hope and even more love is remarkably healing. Winter passes to become spring.

The summer time I liken to is a good happy time in our lives. Everyone is on track, life is good and maybe we don’t appreciate that time enough when we have it. Summer makes me think of plans coming to fruition, colour and laughter. Picnics and swimming.

The autumn brings with it a richness and depth of colour and calmer weather and so too a maturity and finding peace and acceptance for something that will never be. But something deeper and richer has emerged. A change in seasons. Like the butterfly.

Nothing stays the same. We would become very shallow, selfish people if everything went our way and life was always good. It does sound appealing, but after experiencing all those seasons in the last few years, I have a appreciation for the changes that happen in the course of our lives. I see  new growth  and purpose beginning to sprout within all of our family.