A Fresh Start.

Christmas is done and the New Year has arrived and with it so many well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions.

I have never been a fan of having rather vague statements like ….”I am going to lose weight this year”. Unless they become goals which are specific, have a time line, are attainable and able to be measured, we can set ourselves up for disappointment.

My father had a cracker of a resolution one year at a lighthearted discussion one family Christmas gathering a few years ago about New Year’s resolutions.

“Progress on all projects!”

We often laugh about it.

I haven’t thought about too many of my goals quite yet, but with the summer holidays it is a great time when we are more relaxed to start planning.

I do often think how short life is, and I guess when we lose someone close to us, it reminds us of this fact. We cannot plan for the unexpected and so our goals can lose their importance for a while.

I have started thinking lately “How do I want to live this life of mine this year?”

Let go of things that have the potential for me to hold a grudge. I am working on being able to let things go.

To live by the “Golden Rule” (treat others as you would like to be treated).

To be able to attain a peace and calm every day especially when others are stressed around me.

To love like I have never been hurt. To savour the moments with people who I love being with.

On the lighter side. Go on a few adventures. (Yet to be decided) I want to continue to learn.

I want to enjoy the amazing nature that New Zealand has to offer and breathe it in.

So as you enjoy some summer sun, being with family and friends or on your own, take a little notebook and pen with you to jot down some ideas to put together at a later date. It is good for us to think about which area we would like to grow for the year ahead.

p.s. The photo is of a walnut starting to sprout in the rose garden on the farm!