In The Flow

I read the other day about living “in the flow”. It is when we are immersed in a significant task that is challenging, yet matches up well to our highest abilities. In those moments we are so caught up in the activity we lose track of time, our attention is fully focused with ease. We become deeply aware without being self-conscious, stretched and challenged, but without stress or worry. There is a sense of purpose and oneness in what we are doing.

It is often related to our work. I think for me it conjures up a picture of a being carried along downstream with the current in a river. What a challenge for us to find our flow and so live a life of significance.

Have you ever noticed when a new thought or idea captures us we start to see the same thing again but in another place? It is like buying a new car. We now begin to see the same kind of car everywhere.

It was like that with flow. I picked up a magazine this week called “Flow” – A magazine “for paper lovers. Celebrating creativity, imperfection and life’s little pleasures”. What a surprise to find it. Maybe somebody is trying to tell me something!

The magazine is full of inspirational stories, on how to live mindfully and creatively, slowing down and working out how to simplify our lives. (Among other things)

Flow magazine is published in the Netherlands but it is an English edition. I have never seen it before and know I will enjoy every page! I like things that spark some new creativity and challenge the way I think about things.

To be creative it is important to have some quiet space and head space too, then let go of what we know and let our imaginations fly……Sometimes we just need a nudge of an idea to get us started.

In the past if life was hectic and there was too much going on, my creativity just dried up. Many others have experienced the same thing. There is no space left for new ideas. Everything we do goes on automatic. We lose the flow of creative thought and living. I lost my way for a bit after Scott died. Nothing is the same, so a new journey begins. I’m sure many of you have found the same thing after a loss or a crisis in your lives. It can become a turning point for a new direction.

So fellow travelers, “Let us find our flow and live it.”