Holiday Hell and Happiness

Happy holidays everyone! I hope you’ve all enjoyed a summer break or maybe you are lucky enough to still be on holiday now. Whenever it is that you manage to get some time off, it’s always good to recharge the batteries. It was exactly what our family needed by the time we got to Christmas!

We had also been looking forward to escaping to the Coromandel for our annual camping trip. The four kids and I had never been camping until we met Brent, who was a seasoned camper. So after we were introduced to kiwi camping, we were all hooked!

We thought this year may be a little more of a challenge and maybe not so relaxing with Ruby who is just about to turn two. She has become a very busy, independent little girl who loves to explore. BUT chasing Ruby around the camp ground turned out to be the least of our problems…

After day one into our holiday, Finn went down with the tummy bug! Initially we thought maybe it was something he ate but of course it didn’t stop there.  A few hours later poor Jack was next, he really had no hope as he was sharing a pup tent with Finn! We hoped that the bug was contained to their tent the bug but luck was NOT on our side… The next day Lucy was sick, 24 hours later it was Wade. It was only a matter of time before Ruby, Brent and I went down! There was no choice but to ride it through.

It wasn’t exactly ideal being sick in a camp ground but luckily we had hot water and power close by. We were back and forth to the bathroom day and night with different children for days, we felt bad for our neighbours as they probably heard all the sound effects if someone didn’t make it to the bathroom! They were also worried that they may be next!

And just when the kids had recovered and Brent and I were both were sick, a weather bomb hit! What are the odds??!! As an unseasoned camper, I’d never seen the weather so bad. And there wasn’t just torrential rain but gale force winds as well, which is the worst combination for tenting. So not only did we feel really ill, there were also seven of us crammed into a tent together ALL day! And just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did. The rain got heavier and the wind blew so hard that it bent one of our main poles in the front of the tent and a flood of water came in!!!

We all leaped up and grabbed whatever we could. Brent and I managed to pull ourselves together and fix it up as best we could. At this stage we were starting to get a little worried, what would we do if the tent couldn’t hold up?? It was now the end of the day and starting to get dark. All we could do was bunker down and try to get some sleep.

At some point we must have drifted off and when we woke in the morning, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw clear blue skies. We were so thankful we made it!

We all had a pretty tough week but somehow we managed to hang in there. We didn’t want to give up as this was our holiday!!! On our drive home we were talking with the kids about how sick we felt and how horrible the storm was. Sometimes life throws us some nasties and it’s easy to question why. But I’ve always thought its how you deal with it that makes the difference. Good or bad nothing ever stay the same for long so keep calm and breathe through the hard stuff and enjoy the good while it lasts.