Christmas Time

What a crazy time of year it is, with everyone rushing to get things done before Christmas. The supermarket is always busy with us all trying to stock up for the incoming visitors.

I nearly panicked this week with the meal planning as a lot of information was still in my head, but thankfully Bryan helped me write up some lists!  So back to being under control and a better frame of mind.

I had a bit of time this morning digging in the garden which was therapeutic to say the least.

This year I decided my goal was to show the grandchildren the magic and wonder of Christmas. I want them to know that when they come to Granny Jo and Boss’s home they are loved more than words can say, and there is some fun stuff to do too. We have purchased some outdoor equipment to play games on our new big lawn. There are lots of spaces for everyone to go to and spread out!

Bryan saw an eel in the pond this morning, so the older kids will love having a go fishing for them. (We will not be eating any!)

We have all ages coming, from eighty-eight years old to new baby Jonty who is one month old. How blessed are we.

When the children walk in the door they are greeted by our Scandinavian dolls, and Tomtar (all the way from Stockholm) who guards the house and all who live in it. Then a short walk into the lounge with the big tree up and the lights twinkling. The nativity scene is set and so the wonder of Christmas begins.

I even made a Christmas cake this year. How I have got away with not doing it all these years I’m not sure. The first cake was very disappointing, but my second attempt was a success! Ten year-old Lucy and I will ice it with butter icing and it will be all the more delicious. A tip I learned was to pour a bit of sherry over it every few days to keep it moist. We shall see.

Otherwise we are quite casual in our approach to Christmas dinner as there will be 6 little ones under 3 and then the older kids among the adults. As long as everyone enjoys the peace that we have found in our new haven, I will be pleased.

I am very aware that so many people are sad at Christmas time and have big hurdles to overcome. It wasn’t so long ago that we were in that place. But if we can give a bit back to those who need a helping hand, then it can make someone’s load lighter and give hope where there has been perhaps none.

A very merry Christmas from our family to yours.