When A Creature Was Stirring…

Nothing could prepare us for what we were about to discover very late last night…

Brent and I woke to a loud scratching noise and followed the sound to our kitchen pantry. With each scratch the doors were being pushed as if something very large wanted to get out. At first we just thought it was the neighbour’s cat, it could have wandered inside earlier in the day when all the doors had been left open.

So you can imagine our horror when we opened the pantry door and saw a big long fat tail coming out from behind a sack of potatoes. This was no cat… it was a huge RAT!

We both freaked out and slammed the door shut. How on earth were we going to get rid of it? We needed a plan and fast. So we decided to barricade the kitchen and arm ourselves with a cricket bat and yard broom and somehow try to coax it out. Obviously we were sleep deprived because in the light of day this sounds like a stupid idea!

After about 20 minutes of trying to get the damn thing out, randomly it found an empty drink bottle on the ground and squished itself inside. Brent leapt on it and shoved a lid on it. It was heavy and filled the whole container… it was absolutely disgusting!!! We threw the container into the garden expecting the rat to run out but nothing happened! It was obviously just as scared as us so we decided just to leave it there and it would come out on its own.

When we got up in the morning we told the kids about the rat in our pantry and just how brave we were at getting it out but as we were explaining what had happened, Wade pointed outside and said, “Is that the rat over there?!” It was like some horror movie, and we all turned around in slow motion, dreading what we might see. Sure enough, the rat was running around our deck like some sort of pet!!!

Everyone started screaming and jumping on furniture but the rat looked quite happy on our deck!

So now we’ve completely freaked ourselves out (or mainly me because I’m at home the most) and hoping that there’s no other family members living outside our house!

So we’ve bought rat traps and poison and have him surrounded…

Watch this space!