Celebrating Differences.

Christmas seemed a little crazier for us this year with a lot of coming and going and a rather large household to feed. Often in the mix visiting us were six toddlers under three years old. On Christmas Day the ages ranged from five weeks old to 97 years. I can’t for the life of me work out how the magazines make Christmas look so perfect! However our new home passed the test with flying colours, with plenty of space inside and out.

It was really heartening to see all ages able to connect and interact together. We were an interesting mix of people, all coming from so many different experiences and perspectives of life.

We had our annual croquet tournament on Christmas Day, (the winner’s names very proudly go on a trophy) and Bryan managed to get the volley-ball net up for some games.

There are certainly a few characters in the family. Pictured is one of them…. Tristan, Callum and Brooke’s seventeen month old son. He is a mini version of Callum, who grew up with lots of costumes for various activities.

In our family we encourage everyone young and old to be an individual. We do have a bit of a history of dressing up and it is very funny seeing it come out in the little people.

Now that the house is a bit quieter I have had time to think about some of the things that are important to me for this year.

My aim is to work on being calmer and less stressed about the things I cannot control. To be able to be like that for those around me. The little things are so much easier to let go! The bigger worries I do struggle with. Breathing deeply from my diaphragm will help! (Twenty times a day according to Dr. Libby). I was given her latest book, “Women’s Wellness Wisdom”. It is a wonderful source of information to help us live better.

I want to enjoy each day, ‘connect’ with people and see the good things around me. I want to not worry about what might happen in the future or for that matter, to not dwell on the past.

With the younger grandchildren calling in regularly we do a “ritual” walk around the garden, listening to the birds and looking at the different flowers and trees. To pass on the love of being in a garden and the wonder of nature is very important to me. For the grandchildren who come from further away to stay, ours’ is a place of calm and peace, home cooking and love.

In our two ponds we have had some grey teal ducks staying around and breeding. A second batch of ducklings hatched recently. They are so small! I really want to catch a few eels that are also residents, that I don’t particularly like or want. These ducklings will need every chance to survive so I have two lines out with meat on the hooks ready for the big catch of eels! (Watch this space.)

My hope for you, dear readers, is that you are able to take time to celebrate the good things in your life and develop further your individuality in the year ahead. Enjoy the journey!