When Positive Thinking Isn’t Enough

While life is good and everything seems to be running smoothly, we can be very positive. Goals are set and off we go!

But…. when we get thrown a serious, unexpected curve ball, it throws a spanner in the works. Suddenly life doesn’t pan out how we thought it was going to. It takes a bit of adjusting to a massive change in our circumstances and thinking positively is just not enough to get us through.

I think we have to dig a bit deeper to find the inner resources to cope, and it is not easy. But it can be done! We just have to want to find it badly enough. There is no one thing that helps. It is a combination of things we need to do. I found my way and with it a new richness in life around me that I never knew before.

Starting this journey may be walking along a quiet country road with no distractions of music playing on our headphones and no rushing, running or biking flat out as if we are in a race to meet a timetable. It is important to leave our mobile phone at home and not to be tempted to check messages or reply!  It is a great time to really let our senses come alive. To be present in what is going on around us at that very moment.

I am doing this more often these days and if I listen, the birds are singing, and the cattle and sheep are adding their voices into the mix. It is especially good when no cars go past!  If I breathe in deeply, I can smell the fragrance of the grasses and trees, especially after it has been raining. When I look in the distance I see gentle rolling hills meeting with the Ruahine Ranges.

When I look up, the sky always thrills me! The way the clouds are streaked across the sky with the light shining through them, looks like God has whisked a paintbrush across the sky. For me it is calming and nourishing for my soul. This is one of the ways which helps me find a deeper faith in God. If we can see the created beauty around us, it is a gift. We have to stop long enough to see it.

It is in the depths of despair, facing our difficulties and fears and often our own mortality that we can begin to find a faith to trust in something bigger than ourselves. It is not something we can work out. Faith is a choice. We need help from a spiritual place outside of our own human weakness. It is a hope for things not seen. Of learning to trust everything will work out even though it sure doesn’t look like it ever will. I find the AA prayer explains it the best.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.

The courage to change the things I can,

and the wisdom to know the difference.”