Put Your Own Oxygen Mask On First

When we travel by plane we go through the demonstration of preparing for an emergency. (In the unlikely event). One of the things we are told will be the appearance of an oxygen mask for us to put on. We are advised if we are travelling with children “put your own oxygen mask on first before helping others.”

We were given that same advice when we went through our family’s loss of Scott and all that came with it. Our family was all over the place. It looked a very big mess to overcome.

Our natural reaction in a crisis is to run around helping wherever we can and try to fix things. We become frazzled with worry, our stomach tenses into knots and our sleep is not a long, deep and refreshing one. Why do we wake at three in the morning when clearly nothing can be solved at that hour? Our subconscious minds seem to work overtime in the wee small hours.

So this advice, although it wasn’t easy for me to grasp straight away, slowly began to make sense.

Fortunately, I had very caring people around me who made sure I got the message. All sorts of things turned up, like potted plants, meals, inspirational books, vouchers for massages and facials. I also had help in my garden to create a new area. It was life-changing for me to understand this principle and to feel such love and care from others. I started to feel like my oxygen mask was in place and I was breathing in good air before giving out. Interestingly if we do this, we then have enough energy to help others.

I have learned through this experience that when I have a stressful situation to deal with, I must take time out afterwards to recharge. It can be any range of things, but I highly recommend to do something relaxing and not adrenalin pumping. Something to calm our souls.

I had a massage recently after a six months lapse and what a difference that made! We seem to store stress and hold our bodies in a tense position without realising it, which if left unchecked develops into all sorts of health issues. Once a month is more beneficial and helps to relax our muscles.

When we do something caring for someone in a crisis it can make the difference of whether that person makes it through or not. Nothing is too small. Everything we do with love is like throwing a lifeline. There are so many people going through very difficult circumstances who need help to put on their own oxygen mask first.