From a New Perspective

I have just come home after travelling overseas with Bryan for a couple of months. So I return with lots of new ideas from such a wide variety of experiences and meeting so many interesting people. It has broadened my horizons!

One of the benefits of going away is that we begin to see things with new eyes. I wrote copious notes, of course, so I would not forget what I learnt. I have come back ready to change the way I do some things and have lots of stories to tell.

Make lemonade will have what I hope to be a refreshing way of looking at life from a different perspective. I have learned that life is precious and it is now so important to embrace moments each day. I have changed the way I look at things too and what is important to me, as have many others on a similar path of life changing events. The growth from heartache is still a work in progress, but I firmly believe that we can choose to allow our experiences to find new depth and meaning in our lives for the benefit of others around us.

On this holiday I found a renewed love of past interests that have taken a back seat while in I have been in survival mode.

I was able to glean recipes and new ideas from a chef on a canal boat, and from people I met up with along the way. Even a woman on a train!  People fascinate me and each person has a story to tell if we ask questions and listen. There is so much to learn.

I was excited about the fashion and style in Europe. To see what people are wearing in the streets which in turn made me want to be more adventurous in the way I dress. I met an inspiring woman in a little boutique in Oxford, U.K. who helped me look outside the box. There is a lot to pass on!

Gardens, cathedrals and art touched me. To be able to see what the creative minds from centuries ago were able to design and how such people lived was an inspiration and often very moving.

I saw a sign in a craft shop which said “Observe Greatly.” (A good reminder). Too often we rush past things and move on to the next experience without stopping long enough to smell a rose climbing up over a garden fence, or lingering that little bit longer in a cafe by the deep blue sea feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin which is so good for our soul.

It was also interesting to hear how other people saw us as New Zealanders. It was quite enlightening. There is a lot we do well as a country, and we have a great story to tell the world.  I have ideas about that too.

This next season in my life from a new perspective is about encouraging you to have hope when sad or bad things happen in your life. Keep working through it, you will find your way. J