Taking Nothing for Granted

I am sitting in my office looking at the last rays of the sun dropping down below the hills in the distance and thinking how good it is to be home and back in N.Z. I am breathing it in.

We take so much for granted living in our country. It seems to be that going away highlights how fortunate we are. We become dulled by familiarity and travelling overseas awakens our senses through experiencing completely different cultures, languages and ways of thinking. It certainly has made me look at things differently.

I still don’t feel quite in the zone yet, but as I was tucked up in our nice warm bed the other night I thought of how too many children are cold and don’t have the luxury of a warm home. So the idea of buying woollen singlets was born. If children can wear wooI close to their bodies it makes such a difference. I have started off the supply at Manchester House in Feilding with 4 singlets in different sizes.

The photo is with two fantastic social workers, Robyn Duncan a well-known advocate for families in the Manawatu, and also new social worker Leena Mehta who comes all the way from Alice Springs, Australia with a depth of experience in working with women.

S.O.S. for Singlets has begun!

If you can buy, knit or give a singlet that is no longer used, please pass it on to Manchester House. Just drop it off at the front desk.  Or alternatively post to:

Manchester House Social Services

68 Aorangi St


I often find many people would like to help but are not sure where the need is. The temperatures have fallen, so our little people need wool!

Sometimes what starts out as a small gift can grow into making a big difference to so many.