Stanley’s next adventure is in print!

I have very exciting news to report that “Stanley Meets Bobcat the Bully” is now out!

This book was inspired after visiting many schools and talking to kids who often have trouble with bullying.

It is a fun story but with an important message to help kids to identify what is a bully, and how to get the bullying to stop. Telling stories is a great way for kids to get stuff. The book is pitched at five to nine year olds and has been written to coincide with education programs now taught in schools.

In this story Stanley and his friends Lorenzo and Clementine are way out of their depth in coping with Bob Cat the Bully, and are at a loss to know what to do. New, colourful characters are introduced. Aunty Violet and Gavin, a hero at school, help them change the situation.

I will be speaking at the Manawatu Writers Festival at Feilding’s Paper Plus Bookmark Cafe about the incredible journey of writing children books this Sunday 10th September at 11am.  The book will also be on sale. So come along. I would love to see you there and introduce you to “Stanley Meets Bob Cat the Bully.”

(see book section under Stanley Meets Bobcat the Bully, on make lemonade on how to obtain your copy)