“Feel the Fear and Keep Going”

What often stops us achieving or trying something new is our fear of failure or what people will think of us. We tend to give up way too soon. We wonder what if? Often what we do worry about never eventuates!

Even a seemingly simple fear like I had, driving on the Auckland motorway and making sure I took the right exit! There are so many cars and trucks all going fast. It makes me think of Dr Suess’s book, “Go Dog, Go”. And so Granny Jo in her Mini has been a little daunted, to say the least. However I have conquered this particular fear recently, and with it I have found new confidence that I can get around Auckland and live! (Putting my indicator on early before switching lanes is helpful!) One must take into consideration that living in the regions we tend to think we should be able to get a park right outside or near our destination.

Another fear I had was writing my two children books. At times I wondered what was I thinking even starting? Having never considered the idea of writing for children it did seem overwhelming. We worry and have doubts of whether we are capable to ever achieving our project! I did have encouragement from those around me, saying “Why not?” So the project began. It took nearly two years to complete each book and many obstacles were in the way, but when the doubts assailed me and I felt like giving up, I kept at it with the end goal in mind. I have found perseverance is the key to success.

I have also learned to listen to good advice and learn from others smarter than me. I have learned to trust my gut instinct too. Spending a good amount of time with children helps me to understand what they like and the language they use. Kids’ imaginations are inspiring. They are mostly uninhibited with their ideas. They just let their minds go in all sorts of directions.

I have discovered the need to make sure there is a bit of peace and calm when undertaking a project like writing. Creative thoughts and ideas don’t seem to come when there is a lot of noise and stress.

I like the quote “If you think you can you are right, and if you think you can’t, you are right too.” So whatever is in your way of achieving or learning something new, no matter how big or small,  determine how badly you want to overcome the obstacles in front of you and go on to achieve your goals!