From Food

Cooking can be very satisfying and a creative outlet too. It is something we learn as we go and get better at with practise!

When I started out married life at (dare I say it) 18 I really didn’t know too much about cooking. I remember cooking my first roast chicken with the plastic bags still in the chook!

I was on a steep learning curve being married to a dairy farmer who was used to big cooked breakfasts to start the day! My in-laws left on an overseas trip soon after we were married, so I was in charge of feeding the farm workers who ate a lot! However, after my bumpy start cooking is now one of my favourite things! So Keep experimenting with flavours you’ll get better, and don’t give up. I do like simple, easy to prepare food! It doesn’t have to look perfect but it does have to taste good!

Macadamia Brittle

This is just yummy, I tried this recently at a high tea Hospice fundraiser. The whizz behind this was Jan Pearce. (exclaiming oh but its…

Easy Hummus

Our daughter- in -law Brooke gave me her Aunty Marise’s recipe for such a yummy hummus that  I had to pass it on. I don’t…

Quinoa Salad

This recipe I use over and over and it always delights.It can be varied with whatever is in season. I buy my quinoa from the…