Introducing Jo

Make lemonade came about after life had thrown our family a lot of lemons in a short space of time.

It started on July 8th 2010, when our much loved son Scott was murdered in his driveway on his way to milk the cows. He left behind a 7 month pregnant wife and 2 year old son. It was such a devastating event and mostly impossible to comprehend. Our lives changed forever in that instant and an unbelievable chain of events unfolded. Our family was thrust into the media spotlight and intense public interest. 

We decided very early on that we were going to get through this, our family would be intact and that “some good will come out of it”.
It wasn’t going to be just another terrible tragedy with a trail of destruction left behind in its wake. It has not been easy, some days are harder than others, all our family struggle at different times, but we have learned to appreciate moments each day.

I started writing almost from day one about what was happening to us alI. I got all the rubbish out of my head onto paper. It helped! Looking back I’ve come to realise we have learned a lot. We’ve come along way and we are still learning. The lessons are seared on our hearts.  We now measure our lives from before Scott was killed and afterwards as they are like two very different lives. Our perspective on life has changed. We no longer feel carefree but we are content. We carry an ache inside our hearts that, as parents losing a child, we know we will always have. Nor would we want it any other way.

Along this journey I have discovered that I loved to write, and two children books have come to life! “Snooty Stanley Plays a Prank'” and Stanley meets Bob Cat the Bully.” (see section under books). What a journey that has been, and the opportunities that have come my way because of the books.

I  want to encourage families struggling, to cheer you on from the sidelines to “keep going!” You can make it no matter how many lemons come your way! You can make a difference for good in your world and to the people you love and care about. So I will share my insights, struggles and mountains climbed, in the hope it helps you overcome your mountains. 

I have found using my creative side has been therapeutic and part of my healing process. Cooking, gardening and homemaking and of course style. Tips from these activities I share with you dear reader too.

Hold onto hope.

illustrated by Kate Knapp