Style “Don’ts” for over 45’s

A few simple “Don’ts” to keep you looking your best.


Wear short shorts well above your knees. Knees are not the most attractive part of your body as you age. Unless you really don’t care how you look.

Dress like your teenage daughter when you go out together. It’s not good for either of you. Develop your own individual style instead. Sometimes your teenage daughter can influence what you buy too much also, (they don’t know everything!).

Wear tight clothes whatever your body shape. Clothes should skim your body, not cling and reveal every lump and bump!

Dye your hair very dark to hide the grey. It doesn’t match your skin tone and lines on your face. It is as ageing as going very blond. French women are a great example of being stylish and grey.

Tan until your skin goes like leather! It’s easy to go too far in the Italian sun where you don’t burn. Yikes!

Have a facelift. The women I saw overseas with “work done” looked very similar. I wonder about the lack of self acceptance in the ageing process. My thought is we all have our place in the sun when we are younger, then….. Well it’s different. We age, our bodies thicken up, our skin doesn’t look so good! So instead “embrace your age and enjoy what the next stages have to offer” (it’s all about attitude).

Wear too heavy makeup. It doesn’t hide anything rather it shows up our lines more.

Leggings and short tunics. Leggings are outdated. The look is more of a Capri style pant above the ankle bone with around the knee dresses.

Beware of tight white pants. Generally women look good from the front in them, then as they walk past and one observes the back, the g-string or bikini brief, (and cellulite) are very visible.

Jo Guy.