Trend watch for autumn/winter wardrobe update (Part 2)

By now I am hoping you will “know thy body shape”, what colours you look great in and be well ready to hit those shops!

Think about your lifestyle and where you spend the most of your time. If you’re attracted to party dresses but don’t go to many parties – Stop! Buy where you spend the largest amount of your time. Doing a pie graph is helpful to assess your lifestyle.

Always ask yourself “can I wear it to 3 occasions, wear it 3 different ways and for at least 3 years?”  Buy trans-seasonal clothes as much as possible to take you through a longer wearing cycle.

I will pass on the winter trends I saw a lot of in Europe and UK.

Greens, any shade.

Blues, cobalt, navy and denim.

Checks and tartans

(very little florals)

A strong 60s influence with simple cuts. Think Mary Quant.

Drop-crutch pants, narrow pants and high waisted wide pants, a few pleats coming through too. I think the 70’s inspired flares and big patterns will be a more of a fad. Wide pants are stronger worn with short cropped tops or tucked in shirts. (my favourite look is the drop-crutch pant)

Skirts cut on the bias or an A line. The midi length is popular and if you are vertically challenged you will need to be careful your balance is right. The pencil skirt is for narrow thighs and the A line if you have thighs. Only go above the knee length if you are in your 30’s. In your 40’s plus go for a more classy look and drop your hem length to the best part around your knee.

Long line cardigans with deep pockets but no buttons or zips. Try and avoid bulky fabrics as it adds weight.

Shoes: Loafers are in. There should be a huge selection this season. Long boots and ankle boots. Shoes had more of a block heel and not too high for day wear and more of a narrow higher heel and pointy toe for evening. Street sneakers for casual.

check out  the websites for fashion forward  shoes : zomp shoez

and shoezies.

Make sure you dress your outfits up and down, loosen up a bit and don’t try too hard. Choose to be an adventurous confident woman. Whatever you feel you are lacking, set about changing a few things…..