Handy Stuff to Know

Put lime and iron sulphur on hydrangeas. Lots of it for blue colour.

Epsom salts are also great for feeding hydrangeas.

When you cut hydrangeas to put in a vase of water, you can scald the stems near the cut. They will last longer in the vase. I love the colour of some of the deeper blues as they change in the autumn.

Lemons enhance the flavour of mushrooms

Buy frozen sheets flakey pastry and thaw, spread chutney, then sprinkle grated cheese, bacon and mushrooms. Roll and cut thinly. Bake at 180’C till lightly browned. You can also do feta and basil, ham, or bacon and pesto. This is easy when you have crowds or have to take a plate!

Mexican daisy leaves give a lovely flavour in a jug of water

Try taking a teaspoon of Manuka honey and 1/2 teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon (from health shops) 1/2 an hour before eating to aid digestion.

Did you know you can freeze walnuts? They don’t end up with that rancid taste like they do stored

If you get pollen on your clothes from lilies, lie them in the sun, then wash. It comes off.

Take the stalks off avocados they will ripen more quickly. Put them in the fridge when they ripen.

Add truffle oil to mashed potatoes (now called smashed potatoes). A yummy flavour.

Don’t over water Fig trees as they will have a more watery taste.

A butcher at our local market told me  that hogget is much tastier than lamb. Just cook it slowly, so for a leg 150’C for 3 hours or more. Or you can cook for longer on 120’C.

I also learnt slice up black pudding and cook with bananas and barbeque. (I’m not a huge fan of black pudding but apparently it tastes great!)

clean your make up brushes with hair conditioner

Another good use for hair conditioner is, use it to shave your legs in the shower, its way better than soap.

I’d love to hear of your time saving tips and hints so do please send them to me.

I will keep adding to the list……