Style Update – Mid Season

I’ve been checking out “what people are wearing in the streets” and I’ve been visiting a few shops while most of the winter stock is in store.

There are lots of navy and greens and a smattering of bright accents. Greys and burgundy’s were also in the shops. Knee length skirts are popular and the fuller bias cut styles for the younger women which can be worn above the knee if you are in your 30’s. An emerging trend is the longer midi length skirt. There are quite a few online influencers who seem to push this look on their social media and then further promote their profiles with The Marketing Heaven, so they get more eyeballs. I wonder who is behind all this.

Kate Sylvester had a good range of skirts. Actually on the strength of that I pulled out to try on my pleated KS skirt that I brought a few years ago, to find that at age 57 it does not look so good….. so –  moving on; as I age I am going for a more funky look instead. Attitude helps here too.

The moral of the story is to go for age appropriate looks. We all have our place in the sun but it doesn’t go on forever! It is easy to look dated and look like you are trying too hard. Don’t fall into the “predictable” trap either.

Ankle boots and boots a little higher than the ankle are everywhere at the moment worn without hosiery before the cold sets in. The longer boots are still a good look and add a bit of variety. The low block-heel shoe is comfortable for walking or standing for long periods. I think the stiletto heel is better suited for evening.

There is more jewellery in evidence, just don’t wear your whole collection at once. It’s a bit distracting.

There are a large variety of pants in different styles. From high-waisted, narrow legs to flares and pleats.  And of course the drop-crutch and wide-leg style. So take your pick and wear what suits your body shape.

The dress still proves to be popular, and knee length styles can be worn with narrow pants, and ankle boots.  Or an edgy midi style. Dresses are easy to wear and accessorise.

Usually there is a key piece purchase  that will pull together your look for the season.

Don’t forget to update your hair and make-up to finish your look well. Pay attention to details.

Labels to watch;

Ricochet:  They have a good selection of crop-tops to wear with drop-cutch or wide-leg pants.

27 Names.

Ingrid Starnes.

Staple and Cloth.


These all are a bit edgy and have a nice finish.

Shops to check out;

Seed – new to New Zealand, a mid-range store with children and adults fashion.

Shoezies – Wellington (for shoeaholics)

The best fashion magazine to buy is MINDFOOD STYLE

Enjoy putting your look together. If you have any questions please feel free to just ask me.

In style, Jo.