Ross’s Famous Vanilla Biscuits

There is a story behind these biscuits. My husband Bryan and Ross have been friends since primary school. Ross, who is one of six boys, headed off to boarding school for his high school years. He remembers always feeling hungry, so he learnt how to bake biscuits and take good supply of them back with him in his tuck box at the start of each new school term.

Years later Ross and his wife Sue’s own four children duly followed in their parent’s footsteps attending boarding school. Ross still remembering his hunger pains baked plenty of biscuits for his kids to take back with them. After the kids had left school, Ross found out they had got sick of the biscuits and they started selling them to other students for 20 cents a biscuit!

Ross still makes these biscuits, (400 at a time) freezes them and gives them away. We have been grateful recipients. For a bit of variety he has added more to his range. Peanut brownies, ginger biscuits, and Anzacs.

We dub Ross “king“ of the biscuit making.

( One of Ross’s daughters just emailed me to say, the kids didn’t get sick of the biscuits, but their friends loved them too, so they had to put a price on them or else they would disappear before they could re stock!)  Ross’s title is secure, It was his  wife Sue who wanted a bit of variety…..


500gms butter

950gms sugar

2 teaspoons vanilla

3 large eggs

960gms flour

4 teaspoons of baking powder

275 gms  chopped white chocolate buttons and 230 gms of sultanas

Soften butter in microwave then cream butter and sugar and eggs. Add all ingredients and mix slowly. Roll into balls and prong with a fork.

Fan bake at 165’C for 13 mins. (Do not brown)