Everything in Moderation

I have been reading a lot lately about all the things that are bad for us. There are messages every-where we look.

Don’t use vegetable oils (gosh, I use those in my muffin recipe)

Don’t eat too much red meat (I really like it, and it’s a good source of iron)

We all need goat’s milk, it’s better for humans (it is for some)

Don’t eat white bread (look at the French, and their baguettes)

Eat organic (organic vegetables often look small, blighted with bugs and wilted)

Everywhere we look we are assaulted with advice on what not to do. So for me, I think everything in moderation, though fresh meat and vegetables are the best. The odd muffin and cake is sublime. I love meat. I don’t do organic. It costs more and I’m not sure about the science and proof behind the debate.

I saw a sign outside a butcher’s recently that said “free range beef”. What other range is there in New Zealand for beef? Blimey that was a bit over the top. I guess it’s great marketing taking advantage of the free range story.

We all have choices in the way we eat, and there the responsibility lies. Being informed is good. Sometimes I daren’t mention I don’t do organic, as I feel people tend to look down their noses at such a belief! Will it prolong my life if I eat organic?  It might, but not necessarily. A lot has to do with our genes. As long as we have our basics right and are sensible. Let’s not judge each other.

I may get a bit of flack for this blog, but you know, I think we are all getting very pc about most things, and we don’t say what we really think about a lot of subjects!

So each to their own….  moderation and balance……