Tips before you shop this season (summer 2015 -16)

Before you head to the shops go through your wardrobe and see what is missing. (see wardrobe planning blog) It is often putting your wardrobe together in a slightly different way that will give you an updated look. Don’t forget its all about personal style.

Decide on the look you are going for for this season . It could be that you might just need a few pieces to pull it together.  How’s your knitwear? Basics? Shoes? Clean lines and simple cuts are here for a bit, and more of a 60’s influence. Awesome gift ideas

One of my foreign correspondents who travelled recently kept an eagle eye out to see what women were wearing in the streets. A big difference to what is on the racks in the shops.

Wide pants, high waists and worn with cropped tops.

(this look is very good if you have a waist and thighs)

Pants that have elastic at the ankles. A good style. I have a pair that I wear frequently. They suit a lot of different body shapes.

Not a lot of evidence of narrow pants. They have been around a while. If you have them wear long tops or dresses over them. Or if you need to update your pants buy a slightly wider leg or a cropped bootleg pant.

Shaped shift dresses were worn by smaller women.

Wedge sandals. Also flats and lower block heels in loafer styles. Shoes are one of the telling marks of  great style. Your look completed look depends on your shoes and also accessories. Be adventurous! Accessories change your look very simply and give a bit of flair to your outfiit.

Colours : Mustard .Beware of that colour as very few suit it. It is easier to use as an accent, like in a handbag. (I have mustard shoes.)

Pinks and apple green.

Dropped crutch pants are still around and my personal favourite.  Also there will he a lot more funky dropped crutch shorts around too. Where possible make sure you buy trans seasonal fabrics, as your wardrobe will take you through more of the seasons. Natural fabrics are best as they breathe. A good quality viscose (wood chips) is easy to wear and breathes.Use light weight layers to add or take off your key piece depending on the weather.

Buy good quality accessories and they will always look good. You just might not wear them a season or two and then pull them out again. The petite woman should wear finer jewellery, but a larger frame woman can carry off bigger funky jewellery.

Update your hair and makeup to stay current.  (no dark eyeliner underneath your eyes as you age, its too harsh, go for softer smudged look.) Dress up a bit more and have a “sense of occasion.” Its better to be over dressed than underdressed .

You’ll be look more interesting too.

In style Jo