Pear and blue cheese pizza

y sister Wendy made this pizza when I stayed with her recently, I thought the combo was terrific. A great weekend easy meal.

Base –  use the packet of 3 thin and crispy bases (hand made turkish bread) pink packet in the  fridge section of the supermarket.

1 very finely sliced firm pear.

blue cheese

2 – 3  bacon rashers

walnuts and mozzarella cheese.

sprinkle a little olive oil on top

Wendy also had a  second pizza with  smoked Salmon pieces  from a 200gm  packet  just broken up using fingers.  I used all of the 200gms on mine,  but depending on how many you are feeding    you can use half the amount. Thin slices of lemon, Dots of cream cheese capers and mozzarella cheese. It was very tasty too!