Simple Carpet care

I called into our local Feilding  Flooring Xtra, and got chatting to Del, a very creative fund of information…. who had a simple remedy for cleaning  wool and wool blend carpets for everyday family spills/ babies milk stains etc.

Blot up liquids straight away with a paper towel.

Rinse by applying tepid water using a clean cloth,

Use a solution of one teaspoon of approved wool detergent (e.g. softly) with one teaspoon of white vinegar and one litre of warm water. I thought this was well worth trying and handy to know.

There is a little booklet for more intense carpet care guide for all sorts of spills and different remedy’s for synthetic carpets too which is  a good idea to have in a drawer in your kitchen. (Norman Ellison carpets care guide)

Thanks Del …….