To Trick or to Treat?

I’ve never really been into Halloween, I suppose until recently it’s never been a traditional Kiwi celebration.  As well as this, I’ve lived in the country most of my life so we never had neighbour’s that were close enough to walk to if even we wanted to.

However, now Halloween seems to have become huge! Or is it just me??

When I moved into town with the kids four years ago I remember getting to know our neighbours in our little cul-de-sac and getting asked if we would like to dress up in Halloween outfits and walk the loop with them. Well, my kids love any excuse to dress up so of course we were in. And it was even better getting swamped with lollies as well!

And when we moved to Auckland it wasn’t any different. I couldn’t get over the amount of people that get involved and the houses that are decorated too. In fact, every year Halloween seems to be getting bigger and better! There are so many adverts on the TV or in newspapers way in advance, trying to lure us all in so we can buy the fancy outfits or grab the best deal for loads of lollies. I mocked them all but somehow; we have fallen for it and find ourselves getting dressed up for Halloween every year.

But the good thing is, we have a great community and all look out for one another. There are all sorts of ages that get involved, and also a few random costumes that aren’t so scary… the kids have friends that live close by so we usually form a group and walk around together. Its a few hours of madness but the kids love it. I noticed this year they thought it was more fun getting dressed up with their mates than collecting the lollies… Thank goodness!

Unfortunately this year Ruby was in on the action too. I thought she would be scared of the Halloween outfits; some had masks that looked a little freaky! But she laughed away at them and was busy trying to get fit into something too. So I hunted around in our dress up box and found a little wee pumpkin suit that someone gave us last year. It was a bit big but Ruby thought it was great! So I decided to take her for a little walk to a couple houses with the others.

But there were no smiles; there were actually no facials at all. Stone cold sober! And she marched up to the front door with the big kids and held out her hand. It looked very funny. You can tell she is definitely is the baby of a large family! What have I got myself into?