Having a Sense of Fun Everyday

Sometimes we can get so bogged down with what we ‘need’ to be doing, what we ‘should’ be doing and rushing around making things happen, that we begin to take life a bit too seriously.

This lovely picture is of my sister Ade who turned 50 recently. She has always had a sense of fun. Ade is the head teacher at an early childhood centre. For fun she had a friend make this sunhat she is wearing. It has an Octopus on the top with seaweed dangling down the sides. No wonder children love her.

A lot of us seem to lose our sense of humour and ability to lighten up and laugh at ourselves. Instead we take offense too easily. To learn to laugh at ourselves is a marvelous skill to pass on to our children and to help them to “laugh in the face of danger” as we used to say. I’m sure it lowers our stress levels. I remember one our children’s teachers said to us “Don’t listen to everything your children say about school and their friends in the playground as it is usually quite a different story.” Kids often don’t interpret things well.

If we can laugh at ourselves or take things with a pinch of salt we can shrug off things far more easily. When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? Now that is really good for your health!

It is also learning not to worry about what people think when we wear something a little different. If we don’t fit the mould it can be isolating. Whereas to think “I am really enjoying what I wear, then off we go and embrace life!” That is being an individual with attitude. What confidence that displays! To be a little quirky and different adds to the spice of life. Who wants to be the same as everyone else? To accept difference in others is liberating for them and us.

This week the challenge is to see the funny side of things in our lives.