Asking Questions.

Why is it important to ask good questions? Because we gather a lot of important information.

I have found that in both personal and business life asking good questions helps with making informed comments and making good choices.

It is using words like “Who?” What?” Where?” How?”  and “Tell me about…….”

I have been in situations where I know very few people so I start conversations by asking questions. And Listening. It makes going out a lot less scary knowing you don’t have to entertain people.

When Nikki and I owned our shop (reve) for a few years, we asked questions that didn’t have open ended yes or no answers. There is absolutely no point in asking someone coming into the shop “Can I help you?” Invariably it is a “No thanks, I’m just browsing.” Instead we asked “Tell me about….” It helped us understand about our customers and their needs.

In our personal life if we are living separate lives and not happy about it, it is important to start asking questions like, ”How can we work this out together?” There is no room for yes or no answers here either.

Bryan and I went our separate ways for a long time, just being busy doing completely different things. We both had good intentions, but didn’t connect on a deeper level. I didn’t want to end up looking across the table when the children had left home thinking  “Who the heck are you?” By that time it is often harder to repair the communication breakdown.

It is very common for marriages and partnerships to end when the children leave the nest. The conversations can be stilted and one-sided and there is nothing much to say. Both want to live a completely different kind of life.

It is a good idea to sit down over a meal and talk about what you both want. It is hard to listen, but years of not communicating takes its toll. It may take quite a few sessions and a different approach than tried before. We found being away from home and its distractions is a good way to have good conversations and talk about things that really matter.

To start the ball rolling here are some subjects to start asking good questions about:

Our health and fitness.

What is important to us as individuals and as a couple?

Future aspirations and goals.

Moral and spiritual values.

For us, working through these issues paid off. We have our own personal goals and our goals together as a couple. The most important thing is we want the very best for the other person. When we live like that it is very fulfilling for both.