The Healthiest of all Emotions is….

GRATITUDE. So concluded Dr Hans Selyer. He was a Hungarian researcher who studied stress and the positive effect that gratitude has on us. His findings were published in 1936.

Zig Zigler tells us to be a “good finder,” every morning and every night! I like that one. There is always good if we look for it. Not to just see the seemingly insurmountable problems we face. I believe the more gratitude we display the more life changing it is for us and those around us. It has a ripple effect in the right direction.

I recently read in another article that “Gratitude comes with a host of benefits”.

It improves our heart rhythm, reduces stress, and helps us to heal physically and think more clearly. Gratitude floods our body and brain with endorphins that strengthen and rejuvenate us.

Imagine if we all were “good finders!” What a different world we would live in.

Everywhere I look as we get close to Christmas I see people stressed to the max. There are deadlines to be met, functions to go to and tired kids ready for a break. Others have a sadness that no one can see that makes Christmas a difficult time. But there still is good to be found.


We always say grace at our evening meal. We are thankful for the food on our table. Even in our darkest moments when it didn’t seem like there was a lot to be thankful for, we discovered there were plenty of good things.  We just had to pause long enough to think about it. Once we start this gratitude path, the more there is to see.

When our grandchildren come to stay we get them all to say one good thing each about their day. Saying it out loud is very effective. It is a great habit to get into and now they get us to do that when we visit them. The children are learning to become “good finders.”

It is so easy to focus on what we have lost, not what we have left. To change our thinking is not impossible.  Although at times I have struggled with it I have discovered it is a choice I have every minute of the day what my thoughts will be. We are all touched by sadness and grief at some stage, no one is immune. It is what we do with that sadness that matters.

Everything changed in an instant because of one event, Scott’s death 5 years ago. You may ask “What good can come out of Scott dying in such a tragic way?” There is no doubt our lives would have been so much less without him. As time passes we have become more determined to create the ripple effect for good. We see that happening now in our children and grandchildren’s lives. We can be grateful every day.

(I took this photo when I stepped out our door for my morning walk to see the sun rays coming through the clouds… there is always a ray of sunshine)