The Never Ending Battle Against Nits!

No one ever told me about nits and the battle to get rid of them!

I know nits were around when I was young but it didn’t seem as common as it is now. I know of so many people who have had endless trouble with head lice. And we were about to join them…

About two years ago, my oldest daughter Lucy came home from school and seemed to be scratching her head furiously. I asked her what the problem was but all she said was that her head really itchy. So I decided to have a closer look and to my horror, I discovered the tiniest little head lice crawling around in her hair!

Because I hadn’t dealt with this before, of course I panicked. What was I going to do? Lucy had so much hair; it wasn’t like I could just shave it all off! So we went to the chemist and bought the most potent potion we could find. It all sounded pretty straight forward, I thought we would get rid of those nits in no time… but it was far from it. It turned out to be just the beginning of our long journey to get rid of those dreaded lice.

We were back and forth buying different potions and combs but all it seemed to be doing was killing the live lice. The little eggs were so tiny and transparent and stuck like glue to the strands of hair. Within a couple of days they would hatch and we were back to square one. It felt like we were just going round in circles! So I resorted to pulling them out individually with my fingers, which was as painfully slow as is sounds. With a whole lot of persistence, eventually we did get a break from the nits but it wasn’t long before there was another outbreak a t school and Lucy bought the bug’s home again.

So I asked friends if they had had any trouble with nits and sure enough most had had nits at some point and everyone said how hard they were to get rid of. In desperation, one person I know ended up using flea treatment that was used for cats or dogs! And another called in a fumigator which cost them hundreds of dollars only to find it didn’t work. It all sounded too hard.

So to Lucy’s disappointment, we had to go to the hairdresser to get the big chop to try and eliminate as many lice as we could. But she was very good about it as she was just as sick of it as I was! Not only did we get a very trendy short bob and the usual advice to keep the hair short, wash once a week, and tie it back when at school. BUT the hairdresser also told us to use hair straighteners every day for a good couple of weeks which will burn the lice and the eggs! Why had I not heard this before??!! Of course it sounded too simple so we didn’t get our hopes up.

BUT it worked a treat. We had to keep it up religiously and if we stopped too soon, those nits were back with a vengeance!

Now, after we have had what feels like an endless war with head lice, I have since been told tea tree oil is really good when you put a few drops behind the ears and around the hairline, even if it’s just to keep them away.

I’m sure there are many other ways to treat head lice that I don’t know about, so if you would like to share, we would love to hear from you!