Be a Cheerleader

I have been pondering about how important it is to encourage those around us. Every day. How we can make someones day rather than think about how much we want and need for ourselves to make us happy. So what could I do today to make a difference?

I thought Bryan was looking tired, he has had very early mornings and long days for quite along time. His car which is a big  SUV needed a wash. I had just cleaned mine, a small mini, and thought how pleased I was not to be washing such a big car as his!  But putting that aside I decided to wash his car to save him. How good it felt to do something for someone else. Did I have to do it? No… I wanted to do it, that makes the difference when we give.

Doing something because we think we  “should” doesn’t have the same spirit behind it. We almost become martyr like in what we do. Or we can perform a good deed out of guilt. (I am working on taking the should’s out of my vocabulary)

After that achievement I nipped down to B.P. and got a paradiso ice-cream. Reward enough!

It is not the big things we do for others but the little thoughtful random acts of kindness that makes a difference.

Things we can do is text or call with a few words of encouragement to someone who is going through  a hard time. Or help  a young mum who hasn’t had much sleep , she might  need a bit of help with housework  or some fresh baking to lighten her load.  An elderly person might need a hug and a visit. Cheering others on is a wonderful gift to give. To see the potential in others and remark on it can be life changing.

Words like: “You can make it.’”

“I believe in you.”

“I love you to the moon and back.”

Be a life giver.

It is guaranteed to brighten someone’s day and lighten their load.