A little message

As the Christmas windup is in full swing and everything has to be done or signed off by…..last minute presents to be bought, and daily trips to the supermarket begin to crowd our lives, It is easy to miss important moments. To get caught up in other peoples stresses is not a good thing.

As I look around our home,( I managed to get the tree up quite well, ) I see the Christmas decorations that we keep adding to each year for the children.  I think it adds to the atmosphere! For them to see the wonder of Christmas and marvel at it, is a joy for us. They have turns to open little doors in a nativity scene, and then take out the next figurine  to add to the picture.

It is so important to enjoy what we do have this year. . It will all different next year. We don’t know what’s around the corner. Or where everyone will be. So the “now” is very important to me. Savouring the moment. If there is a bit of chaos that’s ok. What a terrible thing it would be to have no noise and no excited voices.

The croquet set will be out again for new names to be added to the trophy. Competition is fierce for pride of place. It has become a Christmas time tradition.

So my aim this next week is to be calm….to let go of the unimportant. As long as everyone is fed, and the washing is up to date.To make happy memories that will be be talked about for years to come and the kids will say with smiles on their faces..….. “Remember when ……”

So from my heart to yours, a very Merry Christmas, and I do wish that you all enjoy time with your loved ones, make sure you take lots of photo’s. If need be find a posie  (a quiet place) every now and then to sit and maybe read a book or magazine.  “Time out as they say!”