Christmas with a Toddler…

Oh I had forgotten about how hard work toddlers can be at Christmas time!

Of course when they are just babies they don’t have a clue what’s going on and anything goes but by the time they get to their second Christmas, they’ve usually had a birthday or two and are starting to get the hang of it! Our Ruby is turning two in March and is a real handful at the moment. She’s great fun but with four older siblings I’m sure she knows way more than she should.

The big kids love putting the Christmas tree up and decorating it but this year they had a little helper. And as you can imagine, Ruby was all over it. She was like a little kitten and attacked the decorations one by one; especially the ones that jingled or sparkled! We would randomly find them in odd places, like the bottom of the toilet bowl. And it wasn’t long before our tree was bare from the waist down.

But it wasn’t just the tree that we had trouble with… As soon as we placed any presents under the tree, Ruby was ripping into them! So pretty quickly we made the decision to NOT have anything at all under the tree (or from half way down for that matter) and I think it will have to stay that way until Christmas Day!

Our last attempt of doing anything “Christmasy” was going to see Father Christmas in the mall. I really don’t know what I was thinking; I know toddlers and Father Christmas never mix well. Yet we still went.

Somehow I managed to talk the older four into having a photo with Santa as well, the eldest was especially not keen as he is now getting past the age of having Santa photos. But I thought Ruby would be fine if they were all involved. But no, as soon as she spotted Father Christmas she wrapped her little arms and legs around me and wouldn’t let go!!! I tried to talk her in to sitting with the other kids but she started to cry, and she wasn’t exactly quiet. There was no way she was going to have her photo taken with the big man in red.

As the line behind us grew longer, the more stares we got. I think poor Father Christmas get this a lot! We all started to laugh as all seven of us ended up being in the pic with Ruby crying and the rest of us laughing!!!

Toddlers are hard work a lot of the time but they really are funny and keep life interesting. Plus I’m never short of stories to tell you!