When Is Too Much Enough?

I think it’s great for the kids to be involved in sports or activities; they all have heaps of energy so it’s good for them to burn it off and learn new skills at the same time. Especially as the kids get older I think it’s important for them to keep busy!

But how much is too much? I hear plenty of stories from others about how busy they all are running around doing extra activities outside of school, but is it really worth it? And are they really better off for it?

I don’t want our kids to miss out but then I also don’t want to over commit either. So we decided that each of our kids can choose one activity in the summer and one in the winter. And when you times that by four, it’s more than enough! Otherwise there wouldn’t be much time for anything else. And none of us want to be stuck to a schedule 24/7.

I also think it’s important to have some down time at home and to be able to play outside and use their imagination; after all they are only kids once! I’ve found in the past when our schedule fills up and we get too busy, the kids seem to get wound up as well as everyone being tired and grumpy.

And I don’t think that our kids have missed out on anything by doing less outside of school. They still learn skills by kicking or throwing a ball around at home or playing games with each other in the backyard. Plus there are always different sports and activities going on in school which they can be involved in. The older two boys have what they call ‘Zone Days’ and their school gets to compete against other schools in a certain sport. So if they are selected for a team they get to go off for a day to play their chosen sport. They both made the school cricket team so they are off tomorrow to do just that!

I know everyone is different and there’s no “right” way of parenting but this seems to work well for our family. I love being able to be at home with the kids after school, I get to hear their news and slow the pace down as it nears the end of the day. After all, life is already busy enough!