Learning to say enough

Following on from my last blog of  “Stop I don’t like it, I felt it needed a bit more expanding on!

Another way to think about this issue of boundaries, is to “know your limitations, to give what you can and learn to say enough.” We can’t be all things to all people and keep on going like those energiser bunnies. At some point we need to take stock and recharge.

I was talking to a lovely elderly lady this morning at my front gate about how much we enjoy nature and in particular trees. There is just something about them and the peace one feels walking amongst them. This kindly woman has been walking up our hill to the lookout over Feilding for 20 years picking up rubbish that others have so carelessly tossed away. “making Feilding beautiful!”

It is important we find what it is that has a calming effect on our souls.

Often we keep so busy we don’t have to think about our circumstances/lifestyle and things that we may need to change. We can bury our heads in the sand. Thats o.k. for a while, but then our health invariably packs it in and we have to stop. So it is an opportunity for us to “listen to our bodies” They usually are telling us something. Our immunity system is probably low we are running out of steam. If we have been living on adrenaline for a while too,  there will be expiry date for how long our bodies take living like that.

There are always needs demanding us to do something.  But not every situation that arises warrants our attention. Overloaded people  are what I call  “wound up like a cork screw,“ who are often not effective in what they are doing and their relationships become strained  at work and at home. There is not enough time to fit everything in, they are rushing everywhere.

I have learned over these last 5 years to think more carefully before I commit to anything, I still don’t have the same energy as I once had unfortunately. Emotional  stress is very tiring. I have noticed if I take on too much at once or I am with a group of people for too long my head still goes a bit fuzzy.  So I am trying to think about my limitations. People around us won’t recognise we need a break. We might instead need to ask ourselves what is really important to us and take steps to change some things.  So this personal empowerment is in our hands to live well and to be able to smell the roses along the way.

The first steps to take to live a less frazzled life and begin to think and see more clearly is to take time out everyday. Some quiet space where there is no noise and breathe deeply.

Abraham Lincoln once said.

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”