Mum’s Are Important Too!

Why is it that when I want to do something just for me, my kids are so shocked?! “Why do you want to go out? What are doing, where are you going, can we come??” I feel like I am being interrogated! I obviously don’t do it enough…

I think kids sometimes forget (especially mine) that Mum’s have needs too. That I’m not JUST a mum, I also like to do things with my friends or spend some time on my own just like everyone else. I actually like to do stuff without dragging anyone else along with me!

I heard Wade (number four) talking to his Granny Jo on the phone the other day and she asked him what I was doing and if she could talk to me. He replied with “I don’t know, I think she’s cleaning or something”. I realised at this point that they think this is all I do. And if I’m not careful, it will be all I do!

Of course when I had a family, I knew I would have less time just for me. But I certainly didn’t sign up to be a slave to five kids! And what comes with that is insanity… But I do admit that it’s my own fault that I’m in this position. I run around after all the kids trying to keep everyone happy and a large household running smoothly so it’s quite easy to leave myself till last. But sometimes that also means that by the end of the week there’s no time left for me or I’ve run out of steam so nothing happens!

So instead of just “thinking” I’ll do something at some stage, I actually need plan it and book it in. Otherwise it doesn’t happen that often. And I think being in a large family it’s even more important to plan in advance and write it on the calendar, otherwise it’s easy to get lost in the mix!

Some Mum’s are great at doing this and have a good balance but to those who don’t, remember about yourself and what you like to do, because you are important too!