It’s The Small Things That Count

As long as I can remember, my Mum has always left little encouraging notes or text messages just because. When I was younger I loved coming home to find a little note left on my pillow encouraging me and believing in me.

And when I got older and I’ve felt unsure about myself or what I’m doing, my Mum would send me a little message to tell me to keep going and that I could achieve anything. I don’t think I ever said to my Mum just how much these “love notes” meant and what a difference they made for me.

The power of words can be very strong and what to one person may seem like a small gesture can mean so much to another. And if you’re told something enough you really start to believe in yourself.

But unfortunately it goes the other way too. If you’re always being told or read negative things you start to believe them and your self-esteem and confidence can spiral down very quickly. Sometimes I think the people who say negative things don’t even realise they’re doing it or how hurtful it can be.

I remember when tragedy struck our family and I was feeling down and so lost, my Mum told me to put little notes with affirmations around the house so every time I went to the fridge I would read it or when I washed my hands or looked in the mirror, there was another note there too. At first I thought it would silly and it wouldn’t help, that I would read it and forget it in 2 seconds. But I persisted and funnily enough it started to sink in. I started to believe in myself and slowly I had more positive thoughts than negative ones.

It’s made me think about how I am with my own kids and my friends and family, I don’t think I encourage them enough! Little gestures go a long way and you never know when someone might need a bit of encouragement.