Introducing Snooty Stanley

Stanley is a very snooty cat who thinks he is better than everyone else. He finds out the hard way, after a prank that backfires, that he really should think about how he treats others.

Snooty Stanley is a book aimed at 5-8 year old children but appeals to older age groups too. This is an ideal book to read to children at home or in schools. It is a book that re -enforces values that are important in life. Snooty Stanley is a book that addresses issues in a way that children can understand. There will sure to be some interesting discussion afterwards!

Stanley came into being after spending time on my own at home while Bryan was busy back on the farm. The ideas sprang to life with encouragement from Bryan and family members and of course the vivid imaginations of our grandchildren, who are my inspiration! I am a great believer in   the saying “If you can dream it, you can do it!”

Rich Marshall had a great “Why not?” attitude. He gave me the confidence I needed to start. Rich was a director of his then company Jumprope, who helped me to set up Make Lemonade. He is a great enthusiast for new ideas and of the book Snooty Stanley. Many times it seemed a daunting project, but not being one to give up, Stanley took shape.

I completed the writing of the story and so began the search for the illustrator! After a few bumpy starts I was introduced via email to Paul Cornwell who ‘got’ Stanley and what was in my head. No mean feat!  More than year later and many conversations, Snooty Stanley is ready for the world to read! This is the beginning of Stanley’s adventures…..

You can buy a hard copy of the book from me for $20.00. Look in the books section on make lemonade. The printed copy looks fantastic! (It is now available in 14 Book stores)


Or buy an I book is  NOW LIVE .