Leaving the Best Till Last

I was talking to a friend the other day who was telling me that every week without fail, her and her husband book a day and time to have “date night”. They both work full time and have two kids so if they don’t do it, the week can go by without hardly seeing each other at all! And they write it down on the calendar so it actually happens otherwise it’s only good intentions!

But I know this is not just for working parents, we all get busy and sometimes it’s easy to forget to make time with our partners. By the time you add in work, friends and family and a bit of “me” time, sometimes there’s no week left! Brent and I have bursts when we’re really good at scheduling in a date night but then there are other times when we slip into weeks without doing anything just the two of us!

And it doesn’t necessarily mean we need to go out every week either (even though that sounds pretty good)! Not only does that get expensive but it’s also hard sorting everyone out or finding a babysitter, it especially difficult when there are five kids under one roof and everyone is going in different directions!

It can be as simple though as making a special effort at home. Putting the kids to bed early, getting dressed up and cooking your favourite meal together and not having TV or phones on either! It’s about making time for each other with no distractions. Even a just little time together is better than none. To maintain a good relationship, we all need to put the effort in.

I know it’s easier said than done and I’m sure we’ve all heard it all before, but sometimes it’s actually quite hard to follow through. So just remember to slow down and enjoy time together without anyone else around, after all, we only live once and it’s way more fun to enjoy the ride and spend it with the people we love.