A Place Called Home

I’ve decided that homemaking is one of my favourite activities. It’s not about having the best of everything or the best looking house. It’s about creating an atmosphere of welcome, calm and tranquility and of enjoying being in our home. In short, making it a nice place to come to.

I have been in homes where there is tension and friction and the atmosphere is charged. Or maybe going into a beautiful home where everything looks perfect but there is a lack of a welcoming feeling in as you step through the door. It feels like I better not touch anything!

I like to create areas to maybe sit and read a book and to catch the afternoon sun. Or make the beds look like you just want to hop in and have a good rest. I like to change things around a bit or try to see things through new eyes. We have a lot of books and to me there is something that exudes comfort having books all around me.

When we lived on the farm for many years Bryan didn’t have a separate office for farm visitors so of course they came into the kitchen/ living area. This is when the muffins came out with a cup of tea and all were welcomed with enthusiasm. In hindsight it was distracting when business was meant to be discussed!

I had a marvelous neighbour, Joan Waugh, who lived across the road. I would often visit her in the mornings during the week when we had three children under 3½. There was always a cup of tea and a sanity chat, ending with a stroll around the garden and me bringing home a bag full of plant cuttings to add to my garden. That little bit of a break did wonders for me. Her comment was “if you feel depressed hug a tree” or, “Generally people with big gardens are happy people!” I have found both comments to be true.

There is something about working with soil and creating a garden. For a while I have been hankering to be growing things and to live in the peace of trees and birdsong. This dream is about to become a reality when Bryan and I move back out of town to a house on three acres. It is about new beginnings and making new memories for us and our family when the farm changes hands on the 1st of June.

Life will never be the same, this we have accepted. It doesn’t mean that we have to have a sad life. Good things are on the horizon despite everything. After all, when life throws you lemons…. make lemonade. Sometimes it just takes time to make the brew.

p.s. The photo is Beatrix Potter’s house