Under Pressure At the Airport

The school holidays are upon us again and this time the four big kids that have gone down for a week to stay with their grandparents! How cool is that?! For them and me! They get to spend time with the Grandies and have loads of fun while they’re at it and I get a bit of peace and quiet…

Not only do I have more head space, I’ve actually noticed since that I still have food in my kitchen and pantry! AND my washing pile has gone from hugely insane to next to nothing!!! Bliss! But by the end of the week I know I’ll start to miss the chaos and chatter of five kids and be happy to have them all back.

As I sit and write this, Ruby is asleep and I am feeling very relaxed, far from what I was the other day when I took the kids to the airport. I don’t usually get stressed these days but this trip to the airport was way more of a mission than I thought it would be!

The kids have flown down on their own to their grandparents quite a few times now so we’ve got the check in time pretty down packed. Of course being school holidays the traffic to and from the airport was busier than normal with so many other parents doing the same, so we allowed extra time to get there.

But what I didn’t take into account and also what has never happened before was that there was no parking at all left at the airport! Initially it didn’t worry me; someone was bound to leave some time soon. But twenty minutes later and I was still searching for a park! Now I was starting to get worried. Time was ticking and I was well aware that I still needed to get the kids to the check in counter (where you have to go when children are flying on their own), and usually there’s some sort of line there too!

So I decided to hurry things along so we could at least be checked in on time. I dropped the kids off at the door to the airport and told them to line up at the counter and say their names. I would park the car and be in ASAP.

Well… that would’ve been fine if I could find a park but I was having a mare! Now I was starting to panic. So I thought I’d just park the car anywhere and run in with Ruby to get the kids on their flight in time. I found a space at the end of a line of cars and hoped like heck I wasn’t going to get towed!

I grabbed Ruby and with a very large uncomfortable pregnant tummy, I ran into the terminal. I could feel people watching me as I jogged/ran very unusually but at this stage I didn’t care! Luckily the kids were still at the counter and next in line. Whew!! The lady behind the counter though wasn’t having such a good day and was under pressure by other customers in front of us… all the while I was trying to catch my breath and get my nerves under control, I still wasn’t sure if we were going to make this flight!

BUT another five minutes later, and a very helpful lady came to our rescue, we were checked in, luggage in no time and we were all very relieved. And when the kids were finally on board, I remembered about the car! So I hurried back only to find it was still in one piece and with no ticket attached!!!

Probably the most painful journey to the airport we’ve had and maybe next time we’ll leave even earlier than usual!