Autumn/winter 2016 style update

The Autumnal air is definitely here now so it is a good time to reassess your wardrobe for cooler months ahead .

Before you start draw a pie graph and fill it in with where you spend the most of your time. Section everything off, work, casual, sport, social, etc. Where you spend the most of your time is  where you spend the most of your clothing budget. This system works really well and is about assessing your lifestyle.

Since closing our clothing boutique, new season clothes are now not “on tap.”My wardrobe is in need of a bit of tweaking. Thankfully there are still some good bones left and interesting fabrics. It is pulling things together once we move clothes on that is the challenge! It is how we wear our clothes to look updated and current, that is the key to being a stylish woman.

Check out the latest fashion Mags and 2016 look books from the best designers you admire, and see how everything is styled. You start to see a familiar pattern of what’s in! That includes accessories and shoes and handbags, colours and knits. Shoes will always change your look. Sneakers can dress down some good pants and take you to different places. Try to make your wardrobe work harder.

I guess when Nikki and I had our shop I had more clothes than I normally would. (I do still love clothes!) It is a good idea to move your summer wardrobe to another cupboard and then as you sort through your winter look, choose the pieces you will build on. Usually its a couple of key new garments that will change your wardrobe completely. Make sure you add colour to brighten things up Try to keep away from too much black. Be adventurous.

So I have been trying on my winter wardrobe and seeing what looks good together and what is missing. I still tend to get my clothes cut up a bit to look different if they aren’t working and if the fabric is a good quality. I had my full length culottes made into wide leg 7/8 pants to wear with funky boot sneakers. It just takes a bit of imagination, playing in front of the mirror and a very good dressmaker! Drop crutch pants are still my fav.

Strong looks this season are: denim. (I found a cheap denim shirt that fits well from Just Jeans, a denim shirt is a denim shirt!)

vests, long and short.

long cardy’s.

Wide length pants long and also in 7/8 length. Bootleg 7/8 look great under dresses or long tops knee length. skirts and asymmetrical tops and knits.

Low ankle boots are current, and the cuban heel is very popular, and comfortable. I still like to wear a good long boot for variety under dresses and skirts.

The important thing is to wear what suits you. Not to dress to please anyone else. Clothes are a  reflection of our personality.