A Little Effort Goes A Long Way

I LOVE clothes; I know not everyone likes to shop but I love the mission of finding something new… if I only I had enough money to buy whatever I wanted! But just because I love clothes doesn’t mean I need to go shopping. I also love a challenge and enjoy going through what I have and thinking how to mix it up and piece different things together.

As you can imagine it’s becoming more challenging with my growing tummy I’m finding it difficult to dress my ever changing body shape. I’ve always enjoyed being pregnant (which probably helps when I’m on number six!) but of course my tummy never stays the same size for long. Every week my clothes start to fit a little differently!

I’ve always found it pretty pointless to buy anything new when I’m pregnant, it’s nice to get the odd thing and a comfortable pair of pants is essential but I know in the big scheme of things; it’s not really for that long. So I try to make do with what I have until tops won’t stretch around my tummy anymore! And this last week I’ve noticed my wardrobe has become very limited, so much so that I can’t wash the same thing fast enough! So I know it’s time to buy a few extra things to get me through.

I’ve noticed this time round that the fashion is already quite loose fitting, which is very helpful for pregnant women. Instead of buying the “normal” pregnancy wear, which can also be quite expensive, I’ve found that if I go to most stores (preferably cheaper ones) I’ve managed to get a few tops a couple of sizes bigger that do the trick. They probably won’t last for long but they look great for right now. And of course I always remember that once the baby arrives it can take a while before fitting back into any old clothes so to be able to find something that doesn’t resemble a tent and still be comfortable is also important.

I’m not sure if there is such a thing as the “pregnancy glow”. I think we all have days we feel great and others not so much and the last thing anyone wants or has time for is to worry about is what we look like. So to be able to have a few cool pieces that you can throw on any time without having to give it much thought but instantly make you feel better is a bonus. After all, we are all women and want to feel good about ourselves!