A Little Thing Called Attitude

The other day I was winding up about an issue or two. I was reminded again how a little thing like our attitude can make all the difference to the way we handle things. It is a choice we make, and it can be the hardest thing to control!

Bryan always seems to ask me to do something extra when I am a bit stressed. This time I was trying to pack up our house for the big shift next week. I got so cross. I wasn’t in the right head space for requests! (Are we ever though?) I decided a good brisk walk to clear my head and some deep breathing would help my attitude!

Needless to say after a fair bit of muttering and growling I calmed down and changed my attitude. Time on my own sure did help. It can take as long or short a time as we choose to get over something.

When other people say some hurtful or cruel things to us, our defenses go up pretty quickly and our natural reaction seems to be to go on the attack.

A good question I ask myself is “In the big scheme of things, how important is this issue?” It takes energy and head space to be mad at someone, especially for a long time.

An exercise I have learned to use these last few years is to stand with arms out wide, palms open facing up and saying out loud…..


Repeat if necessary.

For the bigger things I do repeat those three little words. It’s amazing how liberating it can be. I hold short accounts this way. Some things are harder to let go and this is when a negative attitude can kick in. I think I am quite within my rights to hold on to the indignity of my hurt. It’s not always fair. But in the long run it is not good for my mental and physical health. The knots in my neck and shoulders tighten and too easily I can become someone with a chip.

So my aim now is to change my attitude more quickly. I will have a few tests for sure. But I know my attitude is the one that I choose!