The Challenge of a DIY

I have never been sure if there is such a thing as a curse… but as we near the end of our bathroom renovation I’m starting to change my mind!

We thought it would be a great idea to update our very dated and tired bathroom before baby number six arrived. The peach toilet and vanity with powder blue tiles (and a few dolphins thrown in between) wasn’t exactly our style…

So my trusty partner Brent, who has done a bit of DIY before but never transformed a bathroom… decided he was more than capable to do it! After all, how hard could it be?? Our famous last words…

We started ripping everything out in March, which was the easy part. We thought we would keep it simple and not change any pipes around as everything worked well where it was. Brent just needed to prep the floor and walls and then an electrician and plumber were called in to do their thing. It all sounded relatively easy… until we discovered a few bumps along the way.

With renovating an older house there is almost always a few hidden problems. Not only did we find the floor and walls were slightly warped, (which was a very bad start) it also became a slow and painful process for everyone involved.

Brent found he was also limited as to when he could find time to actually work on the bathroom. In between a busy working week, where he left with only the weekends to do anything, we also had a toddler in the house that still needed her sleeps in the afternoons! So loud banging was kept to a minimum. But even when she was up, she was of course very curious to see what was going on, so keeping her out of the bathroom was a mission in itself! And time was not on our side with a new baby arriving fast approaching. Poor Brent had a bit of pressure to get this bathroom done.

But just when we thought we were getting somewhere we would come across another hurdle. The shower tray we bought was faulty and when we were about to install the toilet we realised we were given the wrong one! It just wasn’t going our way.

I’ve heard many people say they would never live and renovate in the same space and I was starting to see why. But then just this week we seem to have turned a corner… finally. Our empty room is now called a bathroom again and filled with the essentials, minus a couple of plugs and a towel rail but we can see light at the end of the tunnel! I even had my first shower in there today and it was brilliant! It’s funny how you appreciate little things so much more after what feels like forever without having them!