When Is Enough, Enough?

I’m getting to that point now of my pregnancy where I’m pretty much over it. I’m not really planning much at all, because every day I get up I wonder if I’ll be still be in one piece tomorrow! But then I don’t want to just sit around and wait for something to happen either.

I must admit, it can be a bit of a challenge when there are five other children to feed and amuse AND the holidays have just begun… not the best timing!

And amongst the chaos I’m trying to keep the house reasonably tidy and the fridge stocked so when I do have to leave in a hurry it’s not a bomb site or too hard for the person who steps in to look after the tribe. But of course not knowing when I’m going to go, it can be an endless and tiring task…

It’s funny how easy it is to forget just how uncomfortable and difficult things get near the end of a pregnancy. I’m sure when you actually have the baby there’s so many “feel good” hormones that you only remember the good stuff! And I suppose that’s why many of us go back for more.

Even after having five babies I still can’t get over the feeling of my body being taken over being another human being. It’s insane and pretty cool at the same time. And just when you think there’s absolutely no space left and you can’t possibly stretch any more… it does. The human body is an amazing thing.

But in all the cool things that happen, there are the other bits that aren’t so much fun too. It’s starting to come back to me now and I’m sure my body is telling me it’s had enough!

I feel better when I’m standing up and moving around (or more like waddling around) but of course then there’s the problem of getting tired and sore so I need to sit down. But then when I sit, I feel like I have less room in my tummy and I’m more uncomfortable… so I can’t win!!!

There’s also the problem of being constantly tired, which isn’t helpful especially when the household is a very busy one! I love my sleep and look forward to jumping into bed each night, but it doesn’t last long before I start to get too uncomfortable again or need to get up for yet another trip to the bathroom… I think I may as well be up feeding a baby!!

But after all the complaints and aches and pains, I know that it won’t be long before it will all disappear and this precious baby will be here to hold and love. And what we thought was once busy won’t seem as crazy as the next chapter!