From My Desk

This is the view from my new office. What an inspirational outlook even in the winter! An office with a view from the window was on my list of dreams. Before we moved I was sharing an office with Bryan which wasn’t ideal as you can imagine.

We are now settling into our new home and three acres of garden and trees. Since we have been here we have counted 14 different species of birds. The tui and wood pigeons are among my favourites. We even have some grey teal ducks on the pond visiting to build their nests. To wake up in the morning to hear the birdsong is a gift of peace. I breathe it in.

My head feels clearer and I now have the opportunity to let loose some creative thoughts. Finishing the next Snooty Stanley adventure is at the top of my list!

As I was walking around the garden this morning with the sun giving a dappled light effect through the trees, I felt so thankful to be here. To be back in a garden is therapy for my soul.

When we experienced our family tragedies it seemed to be one heartbreak after another. We kept thinking, “It couldn’t get any worse.” But it did. We soon learned not to say those words! But hard times don’t last forever. We experienced good things amongst the darkest days, mostly the love and care of so many people. That changed us. We like to think we are better people for the things we have been through.

I have always believed that the tide would turn for us. Much good has already come out of our heartache. We experience it every day. It is easier live our values in the good times, but the real test came for us as we faced the devastating loss of Scott and all that followed. Now our faith is stronger, we love more deeply. We see things through different eyes. Even though there will be challenges ahead we know we can get through them.


I found this saying the other day while reading ‘Finding your Element’, by Ken Robinson with Lou Aronica.

“Whatever our situation, in the end it’s not what happens to us that makes the biggest difference in our lives, it’s what we make of what happens to us that matters the most.”