Celebrating Birthdays

With seven of us in one family, there always seems to be someone who’s either having a birthday or invited to one! We love a good celebration but there’s times when I feel like it’s one after the other.

The kids are always on the countdown for the next birthday, way before I’m thinking about it and it’s usually still a couple of months out! And they’re not just thinking about themselves either, they build each other up and are beyond excited by the time they actually get to the big day. There is huge decision making on the present side of things, sometimes I think that might be more important than the day itself! They look up on the internet what they might want or in catalogues that come in the mail and end up changing their minds about 20 times before they actually decide on something!

Being in a larger family has its perks but sometimes it can make certain things a little more difficult too, like birthday parties. So we keep it simple and it works for us.

I know the kids would love to have big birthdays with loads of friend’s but it just gets too much to do that for everyone, every year. We often joke about being a great “rent a crowd” when in fact there is actually enough of us to make our own little party without inviting anyone else!

The day itself is usually pretty low key, much like it was when I was growing up. We were always made to feel extra special and the day was just about us. We had loads of family that lived close by including cousins and aunts and uncles, so it was always a good excuse to catch up and everyone would usually come around for afternoon tea to help us celebrate. And on the odd “special” birthday we were could have a few friends over too. We very rarely played party games; we just played with the new toys and each other! Grandma made the cake and we were allowed to choose dinner that night.

We don’t have the wider family around now like we used to but the important thing is, everyone is still made to feel like a star. At the end of the day, all families do things differently but there’s one thing stays the same, we get to celebrate each other and what makes us happy!